October 29, 2020

Key milestones

July 2029

Samples from Phobos returned to Earth in the Australian desert.

August 2028

Return module separates from probe and departs for Earth.

May & August 2028

End of close-up observation of Phobos and flybys of Deimos.

April and summer 2027

Samples collected from two different sites on Phobos.

July 2026

French-German rover set down on the surface of Phobos.

October 2025

MMX arrives in orbit around Phobos.

August 2025

MMX arrives and goes into Martian orbit. Begins scientific observations of Phobos.

September 2024

Mission lifts off from Tanegashima launch base, Japan, atop an H-3 launcher and begins cruise to Mars.

March 2023

Flight model of the French-German rover and MIRS instrument delivered to Japan. Flight models integrated with the spacecraft.

1er February 2020

Mission officially enters development phase, aiming for departure in 2024.

18, 19 & 24 June 2019

DLR-JAXA, DLR-CNES and CNES-JAXA sign agreements for phase B of the rover and France’s contributions to the MMX mission.

3 October 2018

CNES, DLR (Germany) and JAXA (Japan) sign joint statement regarding development of a rover for the MMX mission.

21 April 2017

France and Japan sign a cooperation agreement on a feasibility study (Phase A) for France’s participation in the MMX mission.

9 June 2015

JAXA unveils the Martian Moons eXploration mission and its intention to bring back samples from Mars’ moons, with a target launch date of 2022.

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